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allo bonjour

i'm so so sorry i dunno why i haven't been commenting :(

swimming makes me feel so much better. it's mind-blowing. i dunno why i just feel actual happiness... it's so fun and relaxing.

OH I FIGURED IT ALL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dunno if us catholics are supposed to believe in reincarnation, but i think i had a previous life as a fish. a fish in a fish tank. and i was all sad and like "damn this sucks" but i was swimming around and my owner loved me and i was well fed. and now i was born again as a human, to realize how great is was as a fish who gets to swim around all day and not bother with complex emotions.

also i wanted to say that i think it's hilarious. cuz i feel like the chick in that new twix commercial. it's true and funny and it's not news to me, just a good source of motivation :)

and now i'm off to work, this weekend at the stampede is the home and garden show.

swimming, swimming,
in a swimming pool...
when days are hot, when days are cold
in a swimming pool!
breast stroke, side stroke, fancy diving too!
oh don't you wish there never was anythign else to do
mmmhmm, mmmhmm,
in a swimming pool...[etc]
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