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smiles are so contagious

this morning it was snowing.

i was happy all day today. that hasn't happened in a while. instead of crying i sent an e-mail to joshua. same therapeutic properties. i also went to clubs week with soraya. she doesn't wanna join the women's fraternity :'( i do. i signed her up for the poets club cuz that's funny and i hope everyone smokes cigarettes and wears berets. and i wanan join the very vegetarian club cuz they gave me cool stickers that say "fuck animal cruelty" and other cool things. some have pics of chickens and pigs. yay.
um what else. um. oh i paid for university. i am officially a student this semester in linguistics 201, french 315, german 228 (or something), statistics 213 and psych 205.
i wanna get a tattoo behind my ear. have you ever seen that before? like a tiny one. i'd never seen one before the first day, now i've seen two chicks with it. i love it. either there or on the bottom of my foot.
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