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on a monday i am waiting and by tuesday i am fading into your arms

today was so cool: german was cancelled, i didnt do jack shit in stats and i played taboo in french class!

taboo is the best game ever.

and joshua even talked to me. [even if he wasn't particularly happy, at least he wasnt pissed at ME *ahahaha so selfish*] i am happy i love him and as long as he acts normal i'm in a fantastic mood.

i had a 2 hour nap today. it was so weird. now i'm not really tired but i'm gonna go lie in bed and read my novel.
oh yeah i've been getting really horny lol. geez so weird.

WHOA SOMEONE JUST SENT ME AN ICQ MESSAGE... that hasn't happened in years.

this song is by jessica's sister??????? wow

with you i fall so fast
i can hardly catch my breath, i hope it lasts

oh feels like i can finally rest my head on something real
i like the way that feels
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