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the end is near.. muahahaha

see, if i just sit here and think to myself, i cry. cuz all i can think about is missing him. so i ramble on to other random internet people on aim and icq. some tell me to fight for our love, others tell me to dump him immediately. i don't have what it takes to dump him, btw. i'm gonna sit here like the pathetic scum i am and wait for him to ditch me. don't ask why. i used to think it was fun to call my old guys to break up with them, i'd even do it three-way so my friends could listen in on it.

look at these opposite quotes:

"Sometimes you have to let your mind overrule your feelings. "
"go with your feelings sometimes, not your mind"

two diff people said that to me on different days. so confusing. so so very confusing. but either way, my heart and my mind are telling me the same thing: be sad. lol :D
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